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SPEAKERS e r i e s

Each yea r, th e M a r y     Linda Hughes
Couts Burnett Library
invites remarkable            Addie Levy Professor of Literature, Linda
speakers - TCU                Hughes, was our guest speaker for a Fall
faculty - to share their      Special Collections presentation.
experiences and speak
about their newest            Hughes shared ways to enhance your research
books or real-world           and teaching by learning the importance
experiences. The              of preserving original print materials. She
Library is proud of its       along with librarian Roger Rainwater shared
faculty and their many        treasures from the Special Collections vault.
successes and looks
forward to sharing                                          Steffen Palko
their achievements with
the TCU c o mmun i ty.                                               Assistant Professor of Education at TCU and
Stu d en ts, f ac u l ty,                                            co-founder of XTO Energy, Inc., Steffen Palko,
staff and Friends of                                                 spoke on The Common Core.
the TCU Li b r a r y,
alike, attend the                                                    Palko shared information and facts to help
speaker series, which                                                us understand its importance in the field of
this year included a                                                 education.
Professor of Literature,
Assistant Professor        Peter L. Szok
of Professional
Practice, Educational      Associate Professor of Hstory at TCU and author,
Leadership, and two        spoke and signed copies of his new book, Restaurantes,
TCU Professors of          rumba y más: A Gringo’s Guide to Latino Fort Worth.
His to r y.
                           Szok took guests on a cultural journey through Latino
                           Fort Worth, highlighting the best Latino restaurants
                           and as well as a taste of Latino history, of churches,
                           barber shops, botanicas,and more.

                           Alex Hidalgo

                           Assistant Professor of Latin American history at TCU
                           shared his story and findings of “A Giant’s Tooth and
                           A Bundle of Maps: Collecting the Mesoamerican

                           Hidalgo shared historical facts of how archives and
                           pre-Colombian artifacts, like codices, books, maps,
                           prints and alphabetic manuscripts were used to write
                           a history of the Mesoamerican past.

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