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Traveling Works of Art

Works of art that usually reside in the Mary Couts Burnett Library were recently on loan and included in the States of the Union: Highlights
from the TCU Permanent Art Collection art exhibition (January 20 - February 19, 2015) at Moudy Gallery inside the TCU School of Art.
The art show was created as the result of a semester-long project of first-year Master of Art History students in Dr. Mark Thistlethwaite’s
graduate seminar class, The Art Museum.

The selected works of art displayed were centered around American history and politics. Two pieces included in the exhibition, portraits
of George and Martha Washington by Jane Stuart, are normally located in the Gearhart Reading Room in the Library. Another piece
borrowed from the library was Blue Stone, a post-abstract expressionist lithograph by an employee of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Works Progress
Administration (WPA), artist Lee Krasner.

According to TCU 360, many of the works displayed in the States of the Union Exhibition have a direct relationship with TCU. All of the
works have been a gift to the university, either by the artists themselves, their foundations or private donors.

Additionally, the exhibit shed light on the value of the TCU art collection. It has also raised the question of what will be done with the art
collection in the future.

The portraits of George and Martha Washington as well as the Blue Stone lithograph will ultimately return to their home in the Mary Couts
Burnett Library.

      Portraits: George Washington and Martha Washington  Lithograph: Blue Stone
      Artist: Jane Stuart, American, 1812-1888            Artist: Lee Krasner American, 1908-1984
      Medium: Oil on canvas                               Medium: Lithograph
      Dates: c. 1826-88                                   Date: 1969

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