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TCU              More Than A Book
                            The TCU Press is once again recognized for their outstanding
                 Honors &   work as a publisher.
              New Releases
                            Thomas Zigals’ novel, Many Rivers to Cross, has received
                            another award. The Philosophical Society of Texas gave it its
                            Award of Merit for Fiction.

                            Four books published by the TCU Press were recognized
                            by the San Antonio Conservation Society’s publication
                            awards this month: TCU professor of history Kenneth
                            Stevens’ The Texas Legation Papers, Nick Kotz’s The
                            Harness Maker’s Dream, Patricia Vermillion’s Texas Chili? Oh
                            My! and Jim Parsons and David Bush’s Fair Park Deco.

                            Jerry Craven’s novel, Women of Thunder, was named a
                            finalist for IndieFab’s Multicultural Fiction Book of the

                            Patrick Dearen’s novel, The Big Drift, has received two awards:
                            the Western Writers of America’s Spur Award for Best
                            Western Traditional Novel and the Academy of Western
                            Artists’ Elmer Kelton Fiction Book of the Year.

                            Texas People, Texas Places: More Musings of the Rambling Boy by
                            Lonn Taylor has received a Southwest Book Award from the
                            Border Regional Library Association.

                            NEW RELEASES

                            Chili Queen: Mi historia, novel by Marian L. Martinello

                            Texas Tales Illustrated, #2: The Trail Drives by Mike Kearby
                            and Mack White

                            On Becoming an Architect, a memoir by Frank D. Welch

                            Dateline: Purgatory – Examining the Case that Sentenced Darlie
                            Routier to Death by Kathy Cruz

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