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Making the Connection: New Campaign Takes Off

The research librarians exist to help TCU students and faculty to be champions and to do whatever it takes to propel them to be successful.

It made an impact. There's a librarian in your field campaign has done an incredible job connecting with its audience—TCU students and faculty—by sending the message that we are here for you.

For this academic year, 2013-2014, the Library upped their game with a new message designed to highlight the talent and value of our research librarians as well as communicate their ability to provide in-depth and specialized research support. This new campaign showcases the librarians in a construction setting equipped with the tools students (and faculty) need to succeed during their journey and experience at TCU. The marketing campaign, We have the Tools! We have the Talent! For your research needs, is making an even bigger impact than last year. The librarians are getting great exposure and are being noticed by the people that need their assistance. This new campaign is the center of conversation as students are finding out they have a go-to person in their field of study with the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to achieve their academic goals. "With the exposure of the library campaign, students are beginning to contact their respective librarians and form a student-librarian relationship," says Ammie Harrison, Humanities and Theatre Research Librarian.

The posters are smartly positioned around campus—colleges, student center and library—on our website, digital screensavers and social media outlets. Word of mouth is and always will be the most impactful kind of advertising, and it's certainly working for us, especially at times when students are vigorously hunting for research help. "This campaign has been a great way for us to get the TCU students and faculty to understand we are their link to academic success," says Alysha Sapp, Nursing and Health Sciences Librarian. "We have made a connection."

This new campaign has helped strengthen the librarians position and provide students with a sense of consistency. For a marketing piece that is about connecting with and achieving your academic goals, this campaign has evoked a sense of unity with its audience campus wide.