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Social Media

It's Part of the Culture

Social Media is a hot topic and one of the biggest forces driving change in how we communicate to our audience. If you have a smart phone you are either on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, or the many other social media networking tools.

In today's world, much information sought by college students is done via social media. Social media is where it is, offering plenty of opportunities for learning and interacting. The TCU Library has plugged into this change and is communicating with our audience through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to connect and share informational content effectively and efficiently. We throw in content with some humor too!

When communicating, we pick platforms based on whether it works with the type of content we want to put out and whether it meets our goals—informational, building awareness, increasing traffic in the library, creating community or simply saying 'hello'. It is important our students know what we are about, the services and resources we provide and how we can make their experience at TCU enjoyable, successful and stress free.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are a few staple mechanisms the Library uses to connect with students. Here is how we use them:

Facebook—This is perhaps one of the best ways to share information and get feedback. Facebook can be the fastest way to stay updated with what is going on at the Library and around campus. For example, the Library will post need-to-know information on resources and services, updates, up-coming events and ocassionally SuperFrog sightings.

Twitter—Twitter is great for short and snappy messaging, and hashtags can allow for speedy searches and information students may need.

YouTube—This form of social media allows the Library to share informative videos regarding the Library as well as revealing comedic librarians.

Interacting with students through social media websites allows for effective and successful communication. Social media is sought by businesses, universities and college students as a major outlet of communication. It's smart to stay connected!