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Getting the Word Out

In September, the Library launched two new incentives to help promote the services and resources available to students and to generate some excitement. Our goal is simple: deliver the message and meet our objectives. We understand everything we do rides on the importance of attracting the attention of TCU students (and faculty); therefore, we have high expectations for positive outcomes.

It's our job to go the extra mile. Here's what we did:

#1 Buttons

We came up with a great way to grab the attention of students, faculty and staff - create customized buttons. This marketing technique has created a new path of excitement and produced phenomenal results. The buttons are designed as a fun promotional piece for the TCU Library and have now turned into "collector items."

The most popular buttons are: "Club Lib Rocks," "I Love the TCU Library," "All Night Long," and the weekly TCU vs. football opponent. Beginning with the TCU vs. LSU football game on August 31, buttons are created each week cheering on our Horned Frogs: Beat LSU, Beat SMU, Beat KU, etc. These have been a big hit with students and the TCU community.

The buttons are displayed on a corkboard in our Information Commons area with signage, "Collect One of Every Button from the TCU Library." Students do exactly that...take one, maybe two.

"The buttons are cute and clever," says Brianna Capanna, senior psychology major."They show school pride."

"I posted the 'All Night Long' button on Instagram and all my friends came to the library to get one," says Tracie Green, senior strategic communications major.

This method of marketing has been a good resource and a great conversation piece with students.

#2 Student e-newsletter

LibFrogs is the new student e-newsletter of the TCU Library. It is e-mailed to all current students once a semester (September and January) and provides important information on topics that affect students as well as updates, dates, and events.

We want our students to thrive during their TCU experience. To support their academic success and personal well-being, we offer many student-friendly services. This e-newsletter is a great way to get the word out. It's created with quality content along with attractive images.

The newsletter has improved communication and student engagement with our research librarians and online resources.