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Congress Y

Y 1.1: Miscellaneous Unclassified Publications of both House and Senate
Y 1.1/2: United States Congressional Serial Set
Y 1.1/3: Senate Documents
Y 1.1/4: Senate Treaty Documents
Y 1.1/5: Senate Reports
Y 1.1/6: Senate Executive Reports
Y 1.1/7: House Documents
Y 1.1/8: House Reports

Library of Congress American Memory

Y 1.3:98023110 Journal of William Maclay, United States senator from Pennsylvania, 1789-1791

House of Representatives

Y 1.2: Miscellaneous Publications and Compilations of Laws
Y 1.2/2: Calendars of the United States House of Representatives and History of Legislation
Y 1.2/5 United States Code
Y 1.2/6: List of Standing Committees and Select Committees of the House of Representatives
Y 1.2/7: Telephone Directory


Y 1.3: Miscellaneous Publications
Y 1.3/3: Calendar of Business
Y 1.3/4: Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate
Y 1.3/8: Senate History
Y 1.3/9: List of Standing Committees
Y 1.3/10: United States Senate Telephone Directory

Congressional Bills, Resolutions, and Amendments

Y 1.4/1: Senate Bills
Y 1.4/2: Senate Resolutions
Y 1.4/3: Senate Joint Resolutions
Y 1.4/4: Senate Concurrent Resolutions
Y 1.4/6: House Bills
Y 1.4/7: House Resolutions
Y 1.4/8: House Joint Resolutions
Y 1.4/9: House Concurrent Resolutions

Congressional Budget Office (1974- )

Y 10.2: General Publications
Y 10.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 10.9: Background Papers
Y 10.11: Technical Analysis Papers 1976-
Y 10.12: Budget Issue Papers
Y 10.13: The Economic and Budget Outlook
Y 10.14: List of Publications
Y 10.17: The Economic and Budget Outlook
Y 10.18: Sequestration Report for Fiscal Year [year]
Y 10.19: An Analysis of the President's Budgetary Proposals for Fiscal Year [year]
Y 10.20: Responsibilities and Organization
Y 10.21/2: Monthly Budget Review
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