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International Trade Commission (1974-1981)

TC 1.1: Annual Report
TC 1.2: General Publications
TC 1.9: Reports, 2nd Series
TC 1.26/2: Summary of Trade and Tariff Information prepared in Terms of the Tariff Schedules of the United States
TC 1.31: Determination of no Injury in [various subjects]
TC 1.31/2: Determination of Injury in [various subjects]
TC 1.34: Publications of the United States International Trade Commission
TC 1.36: Imports of Benzenoid Chemicals and Products
TC 1.39: Reports on Investigations and Inquiries
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Connecting Women: National and International Networks during the Long Nineteenth Century

The genesis of Connecting Women: National and International Networks dur-ing the Long Nineteenth Century was the second conference of the Inter-continental Cross-Currents Network, titled “The Dynamics of Power: Inclusion and Exclusion in Women’s Networks during the Long Nineteenth Century,” convened at the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal, 3–5 November 2016...